Saturday, January 29, 2011

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst

Mood Muzik 4
Joey's fourth album in his Mood Muzik series subtitled A Turn 4 The Worst is anything but.  From start to finish this album does not have one bad track if you exclude skits.  Joe has a good mix of tracks ranging in subject from tracks about his family life to his thoughts on the state of music and his place in it.  Lyrically it's a typical album for him, which is a step above many other rappers.  He did step up his choice in production this time around.  I bought the sample version sold directly online so the track listing is a little different from the retail release.

1. Pray For Them - (5) - Possibly my favorite track on the album, a great track to open with.  Both the production and lyrics are on point.

2. Aftermath - (5) - "If I'm to be compared it's only to who I used to be."  A great track about rap and what Joe sees as his place in it and what he's gone through to get there.  The track is framed well by a few samples from Rocky VI.

3. Role Reversal - (4.5) - This song looks at his interactions with his stepson and contrasts that with his relationship with his biological son.  It also compares his own actions with those of his stepson's father.

4. Come Along - (4) - This track has one of my favorite lines on the album but overall is just alright.

5. MOP Salad (skit) - (2) funny the first time through but in general I skip skits

6. Sober Up (Remix) - (4) - Another typical Joey track.  Fellow Slaughterhouse member Crooked I has a short appearance.

7. Food For Thought - (3.5) - A few too many guest appearances bring this track down.  The jazzy production is real nice though.

8. 1000 Faces - (3.5) - A track about falling out with friends/relationships.

9. Inseparable - (4.5) - A very personal track about the people that have been important in his life.

10. Is It The Shoes (skit) - (2) - A killa BH skit.  Better than most of his appearances but still fairly annoying.

11. Remember The Titans - (4) - This track would be better without Loyd banks.  Royce has a nice verse.  Production is decent.

12. Welcome to Real Life - (4) - Each verse tells a story about a different person.  Overall a good track with a fairly positive message.

13. No Idea - (3.5) - This song is a little too slow.  Overall it's almost skippable.  The last verse brings it up a bit though.

14. Black Cloud - (4) - A solid track.

15. Follow My Lead - (5) - A track about god.  The track is well done with a solid guest appearance by Joell Ortiz. 

16. Stuck In The Moment - (4) - decent.

17. If All Else Fails - (4.5) - One of those great hookless tracks that Joe is known for.

Overall this is a solid release with a few standout tracks and no real bad ones.  There are a couple skits which bring it down a bit but all in all it's a great release that can stand up along side Joe's other offerings.  I rate it 4 out of a possible 5.

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