Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a couple random songs

I was listening to pandora earlier and got a song stuck in my head that kinda surprised me.

I'll start by saying I haven't really paid attention to or been all that interested in anything Swizz Beatz has put out since his early days with DMX and Ruff Ryders and I don't really even listen to any of that much anymore.  Then a couple weeks ago pandora played "Part of the Plan" in my stream.  It really surprised me.  Not because pandora played it, that was spot on.  I didn't expect quality music from Swizz Beatz.  I checked out some of the other songs off One Man Band Man, and they were about what I expected from him but this song was definitely a diamond in the rough.

"God's Bathroom Floor" is one of my favorite Atmosphere songs.  It's off the vinyl version of their Overcast album and was also on Sad Clown Bad Dub 7.  It's an anti-drug song which is not typical for hiphop.

I also picked those two videos specifically because they're fan made videos for songs that don't have official videos and I thought both were well done.


  1. really great songs, thanks for sharing.

  2. Good mashups here, very original. Nice work.

  3. The second one was really good, following you.

  4. Yeah i agree, really cool songs. I am following and supporting daily!